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Labell’com addresses to public and private institutions and personalities that wish to increase their economic, political and cultural influence. We help our clients handle their image and strengthen their influence and attractivity on a national and international level by managing their development ambitions as well as their global image. We create a sustainbale trust relationship between the different stakeholders.

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Labell’Com designs and implements support actions through various communication levers, whether complementary employed independently.

Territorial Marketing Political Marketing Luxury Marketing

Whether Territorial, company wide or individual, we manage your tailored brand image. We build a strong and attractive image for you as well as a unique identity. We refine your positioning in order to set up a coherent, consistent and rewarding brand culture that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Public relations
Consulting Influence Reputation

We build engagement and influence strategies servicing the reputation of institutions and personalities and create value and preference. We accompany our clients in their relationships with institutional and political stakeholders in Africa and internationally.

Image Strategy Events Management Media

We design and create prestigious events, dimensioned according to your needs in order to optimize your relationship with your audiences. We manage press relations with African and international media. We support you in the management of digital devices and develop paper, web, video or audio supports necessary for your communications campaign.

Facilitation Alliances & Partnerships Information & Monitoring

We support African decision-makers in their efforts to help companies wishing to develop an activity on the continent. We identify decision-making channels and consolidate existing partnerships. We guide you in the identification of targeted countries’ priorities and help you anticipate changes that could affect your projects.


Understand Communicate Captivate


Our recommendations rely on our knowledge of the African continent’s economical, social and cultural realities.


We conceive tailor made communications solutions with well defined image and recognition goals, a targeted audience and an intervention mode that has been planned and adapted for the long run.


We activate the most pertinent communication leverages to enable you to reach your audience with a maximum impact.

Our strenght

We activate the appropriate levers on behalf of our clients: policy makers, entrepreneurs, civil society leaders and influencers. You improve your positioning and deploy your vision internationally.

Our creative impact

Each strategy is tailor-made. We value specific elements of your identity that make you attractive to your national and international targets. You add value to your tangible and intangible capital.

Our nation branding offer

« A targeted Branding builds you a strong and attractive image, generates investor's trust and reinforces local populations' and diaspora's pride. »

Labell’Com | Privileged partner of local collectivities and public powers in Africa

A new narrative is being told on Africa

Labell'Com accompanies you

The 21st century pans out in Africa. Qualified human resources, a sustainable and diversified agriculture, cities and infrastructures in full expansion, a dynamic private sector and enticing business environment. An economic, cultural and social reality to (re) discover and build together.

The founders

Ligguey ak Jomm-Fullà- Tegguin



Her career


Associate Director

Her career


Associate Director

Her career


MAMADOU KASSÉ, Journalist and consultant on environment urban planning and land use planning issues

Our commitment

Labell’Com mobilizes its skills for the service of general interest initiatives. Its founders are at the head of two associations: Afrique Défis, a French association under the 1901 law, which conducts international solidarity actions in Africa in the fields of health,

education, social and solidarity economy, environment and culture. Collectif des Parents et Amis des Enfants de Ker Xaleyi, COPEKX, a Senegalese association that works for the benefit of children living with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

Nos engagements

Labell’Com mobilise ses compétences au service d’initiatives d’intérêt général. Ses fondatrices sont à la tête de deux associations : Afrique Défis, association française loi de 1901, qui mène des actions de solidarité internationale en Afrique, dans les domaines de la santé, l’éducation, l’économie sociale et solidaire, l’environnement et la culture. Collectif des Parents et Amis des Enfants de Ker Xaleyi (COPEKX), association sénégalaise qui œuvre au profit des enfants vivant avec des troubles du développement ou une déficience intellectuelle.


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